Party Down South – Gone Girl: This Is Where Martha Really Went

What Happened after Martha Booked It from the Hotel in Miami?

The trip to Miami gets off to a great start until the sun goes down and shots get poured. When Mattie goes missing, it’s up to Daddy to find the Gone Girl.

Where the heck did Martha go on the night she left the hotel room??? Well, we have the answer and a few more insider information about the most recent episode of Party Down South straight from creator SallyAnn Salsano.

How was the cast enjoying the day party with so many people up in da club?

The crazy thing for us was to see some of the gang so shell shocked. Murray and Walt felt like fish out of water but made the best of it. The tiny bikinis totally made them feel more comfortable. The guys took it slower during the day taking it all in knowing it was going to crazy later that night.

When Mattie disappeared, or as I like to say, Houdini-ed, where did she go?

Mattie took a walk around the block. Then, she talked to the front desk to figure out a flight, but none were available for hours. So, she got another room and slept it off but was still pretty hot so she didn’t tell her roomies.

When they were at the beach, who was the best surfer?

A lot of people may have guessed daddy but just because you blonde tips doesn’t make you a good surfer. Haha. It’s actually really hard if you’ve never done it before. Mattie actually did the best of any of the roomies. Walt tried but failed. I think if he had more time, he might have done pretty well

That Cuban espresso!!! Zing! Did Tiffany have a hard time navigating through the crowds to the bathroom?

Have you ever had that stuff? One keeps you going for a long long time. She kept kicking them back like they were water. Tiff for sure stepped on toes and pushed people out of the way making her way to the restroom.

There’s a big debate happening in our CMT office: In the taxi, was Hott Dogg making a fat joke or was she just making a comparison between shots and doughnuts?

Full disclosure, we still debate it. We will have to ask Hott Dogg. Her delivery is so dead pan sometimes, it’s hard to tell. Sometimes she says things and means well but it comes out differently than she intended. Now, they were drinking all day so if I had to guess, hott dogg probably was annoyed from something earlier that built up and just let it slip out. In her defense, they have made plenty of jokes and her expense so i’d give hott dogg a pass on this one.

One final questions: Do you have any favorite Miami hot spots? Any favorite foods?

All cuban all the time. It’s hard to find bad food anywhere down there. I’m italian so whatever city I go to I try to find the best italian. I’d recommend…..For Cuban – puerto sagua. For Italian – fratelli e buffalo, best pizza – so good.

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