Carrie Underwood Says “No” to Mommy Music

Her New Album Is Not Full of Mom Songs

We get it, Carrie Underwood. If we had an adorable little guy like your adorable little Isaiah watching us in a recording studio, we’d probably be easily distracted, too.

When country’s hottest mom headed back into the studio after the birth of her son, of course he went with her. But she admits she was careful to maintain the balance between staying focused on her son and staying focused on her work.

Isaiah's first band rehearsal…as you can see he & his daddy were totally into it! #naptime #earmuffs #sweetdreams

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Yes, motherhood has had a wonderful and profound impact on her life and career, but this new project Storyteller ain’t full of “mom songs,” y’all.

“I kinda think people in some ways expected me to write a whole album of mommy music, and I hope they’re not disappointed that that didn’t happen,” Underwood told in a recent chat.

Although his presence doesn’t permeate the entire album, Carrie revealed her baby boy does get his musical moment in the spotlight.

How could he not? He’s her pride and joy.

“I mean he gets his moment, and if that’s kind of where we’re headed — obviously you use your own personal experiences to insert into your writing,” she said.

“He gets his moment on the album, and that’s kind of it, you know what I mean? I didn’t write thirteen tracks of mom songs.”

Storyteller hits stores on Oct. 23.

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