Every Little Detail About Jake Owen’s Video

"Real Life" Gets the Pop-Up Treatment

This is real life. Except, not the squirrel. He’s a fake. As is that blond wig. And that dart. Those are not real at all.

Those are the kinds of things you can learn by watching Jake Owen’s better-than-real “Real Life” video with pop-up fun facts.

So, not everything you see is real. But Owen’s mom dancing with him at the end? She’s real. And that smoke they made with firecrackers? Real. And the random cameos in the video — like NASCAR’s Kevin Harvick, Owen’s brother Jarrod and his drummer Myron Howell? Those are real, too.

Oh and that wig Owen is wearing at the end of the video? That’s fake. But what’s very genuine and real is his sense of humor. He reportedly wore it in this video to laugh at his hairstyle in his “Eight Second Ride” video from 2009.