Party Down South: Santana, Streamers and Strippers

You may know her as Lyle Boudreaux’s “Bou to his dreaux,” but this Louisianimal is now off the market. Santana Bordelon has dated the Party Down South star for nearly eight months before the televised engagement.

Bordelon, a 22-year-old cosmetologist by day and bartender by night, was born in Pineville, Louisiana, which is close to Lyle’s hometown. She explains, “We grew up two hours away from each other. I never knew who he was.”

And interestingly enough, Lyle made the first move on Facebook.

“He hit me up. I turned him down a couple times, but I finally met up with him at a bar,” says Bordelon. “It also took a bit of time to get used to his lifestyle.”

As for their typical date nights, they consist of frequenting the casinos and arcades.

“We tear arcades up. Kids come up to us asking how we got so many tickets,” boasts Bordelon. “It’s funny. We don’t have regular days.”

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Bordelon also proudly announced their engagement is “perfect.” And with the promise ring on her finger, she’s sharing all the wedding details.

Do you have a wedding date planned?
“No, it is a lot to plan, our wedding is going to be epic. Epic as hell.”

Who do you want to perform at your wedding?
“I want something fun, something like strippers. I don’t want the typical band. I want like a nightclub or strings hanging from the ceiling with girls twisting. I want it to be fun, not sad. I want people to be like, ’Damn she looks good.’ It is going to be fun.”

You don’t want a big performer? You just want strippers?
“No. I just want fun. I want a comedian. I don’t want anything boring.”

Three things you must have at your wedding?
“Strippers, fun, and as soon as I say, ‘I do,’ I want to take a shot of tequila with everybody. Everybody is going to take a shot with me, even my grandmother. I have always wanted that.”

Where is your dream honeymoon?
“What’s that island?” asks Bordelon as she yells at Lyle for the answer. “Bora Bora, that place is gorgeous. I want a hut house. That place is amazing.”

Do you have your wedding dress picked out?
“I have not decided anything, it is so much. I know I want one of those dresses that are really pretty and the bottom is flare-y or something like that. Then, I want to take it off, and it is a cute little short sexy dress.”

Will Daddy be the best man?
“Um, I do not think so. He is a great amazing person. Lyle is full of surprises, so he may do something stupid like that, not that it is stupid. I do want Murray ordained though. We both want Murray to marry us. He already has his paperwork done in Mississippi.”

Their love for each other is beautiful, and soon you will see what the future holds. Maybe there will be more Santana in the upcoming season five? We’ll keep you posted.

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