Gainesville: Austin Talks Brotherly Advice and Birthday Plans

Family Comes First

Austin has kept a pretty low profile so far on this season of Gainesville. He works a lot, attends church regularly and tries his best to stay out of the drama. However, Austin does not mess around when it comes to his family. When he thought his roommate Kerryn wasn’t treating his brother Sebastian fairly, he made his opinion loud and clear.

We caught up with Austin last week (on his birthday! ?) to see what he’s been up to and how he feels about everything with #Kerbastian now.

What have you been doing these past few months?

I’ve been working a lot! That’s kind of my forte. I’m the general manager of Cantina, a bar and restaurant right across the street from the University of Florida. I went on a cruise for spring break which was fun, and I went to Colorado for a few weeks this summer to visit my family. I’ve taken vacations here and there and had some fun!

What’s it like living with Kerryn, Kenny and Brian? ?

They’re a fun group of people! You’ve got Brian, who is full of energy and crazy as can be. He’s a lot of fun to have around. And then Kerryn and I are like brother and sister, so we have our little fights here and there over things like dirty dishes, but most of the time that ended up being blamed on Kenny.

What sort of fun “roomie bonding” do y’all do on nights in?

We usually hang out in Kerryn’s room, her room is the biggest. We just hang out, talk about life. She and I talk about God a lot. We have two dogs, so we play with the dogs quite a bit. We have a lot of chill nights where we have wine and watch Netflix.

What do you like to do for fun?

I’m a big sports person. I try to play golf at least once a week. I’m in a kickball league, which is really fun. I’m constantly going to the gym. Basically anything to do with sports, or being outside, I really enjoy doing. Obviously I enjoy going out with my friends and having fun. I’m a big people person, so anytime I can be around people, especially the people I care about, it’s always a good time.

Are you a fan of country music? ?

Yes! I am actually going to see Luke Bryan and Sam Hunt in two days on the Farm Tour. We (the whole Gainesville gang) actually saw Luke on the Farm tour last year, too. They both put on really great shows, so I’m really excited.

So on the show you definitely express your concern about Sebastian’s relationship with Kerryn. Can you tell us a little bit about how that whole thing went down and how you feel about it now? ?

That was an interesting situation because Kerryn has been one of my really good friends ever since I moved to Gainesville, but obviously he’s my brother, he’s blood and the person I love to death. At first I really didn’t think it was a thing at all, but it just keep getting more and more serious. And then one day he was talking about moving to Gainesville just for her, and I thought, “OK, I’m gonna intervene now.” I said, “I don’t know that you’re making the best decision, because I don’t know if she’s truly all about you.”

Have you enjoyed watching the show and interacting with your fans on social media? ? ?

Oh yeah, it’s been a lot of fun watching the show and seeing how well the producers and the crew did at making it. It’s been really fun interacting with fans. Actually just yesterday me, Kerryn, Brian, Kenny and Shelby met up at my house, and we all had wine and pizza, and we put on social media for an hour that we’ll skype any fans that want to skype. We got quite a few people, and we talked to them for two or three minutes each. There are fans from all over America watching. It was awesome and really cool to see.

What kind of questions did the fans ask?

They would ask the guys, “Who’s the hottest girl on the show?” and stuff like that. Actually a lot of it was us asking the fans questions. We asked how they liked the show, if they had been watching it every week, who was their favorite character if they had to pick one, funny things like that.

That sounds so fun. Speaking of fun, today is your birthday! Do you have any fun plans for your birthday tonight? ?

Yeah! My company has a limo service, so the owner is sending a limo to my house to pick up me and 15 friends and take us to dinner, and then it’s going to take us downtown to go bar-hopping. There will probably be 40 or 50 people downtown with us, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Will any of your castmates be there?

I know Beth has front tickets to Chase Rice tonight, that lucky duck, so she can’t make it. But Shelby, Brian, and Kenny are definitely going, and Kerryn is going to dinner with us.

And lastly, what was your favorite part about being on Gainesville?

My favorite part has been growing this little family together. Our friend group really did turn in to a family, and we’ve been able to express who we are to the country. I feel like the crew did a really good job of portraying everyone as who they really are. It’s so cool that we got to live our lives, love each other, and go through this thing called life, and everyone else got to go through it with us.

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