Who Was Carrie Underwood’s “Boy”?

Singer Tweets Praise for Jana Kramer Song

It’s hard not to get hooked on Jana Kramer‘s “I Got the Boy.”

Because every girl had that boy. Even, I’m guessing, Carrie Underwood.

When Underwood saw Kramer’s performance of the song on Good Morning America, she tweeted:

(Kramer did look gorgeous, by the way. She wrapped her baby bump in a pale pink bod-con dress, with a white vest and a statement necklace.)

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That song, though. It’s all about finding out your first love is getting married. And being kind of OK with it.

“I got the first kiss/She’ll get the last/She’s got the future/And I got the past.

I got the class ring/She got the diamond and wedding band/I got the boy/And she got the man.”

So if Underwood loves the song, that must mean she loved a boy. Was there some boy in Checotah? A guy who gave her her first kiss? Someone she stalks on Facebook? And is he the one she thinks about when she’s listening to Kramer’s song?

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