Zombies Down South: A Fan Fiction Story

What if Daddy Became a Zombie?

Co-authored by Adam Pisarsky and Sarah Essary

Disclaimer: This is a totally made-up story, using photos from season 4 of Party Down South. Daddy is still alive, not a zombie. Watch the entire season here.

It was an oddly calm morning in St. Pete. Outside, it was slightly warm, with very little breeze. The goats were very nervous as there was a sense of unnerving calmness in the air.

As everyone finally got up out of bed, nursing a slight hangover, they sat down to breakfast. After the usual banter, they began planning out their day.

Heck, going out to the bars is what they do best. Plus, this ain’t called Party Down South for no reason!

Soon after they clear the table, everyone goes their separate ways. Mattie gets ready to head to the gym; Hott Dogg gets her beauty on before calling her boo-thang, Cody; Lauren and Tiffany watch TV; and Lyle, Walt and Murray play some poker. Oh, and Daddy decides to go for a run.

Meanwhile, the house phone rings.

Could this be real, or just a prank, Mattie wondered.

“Wait, what?!” shouts Mattie. She screams the news so the entire house can hear. Lauren and Hott Dogg immediately jump up and run outside.

The anonymous caller was telling the truth: Daddy was dead. Lauren and Hott Dogg stop in the doorway and cry in sorrow together.

Meanwhile, Tiffany is very upset. She refuses to go outside because she can’t stand the sight of blood. Reminiscing about Daddy is the only thing she can do as it gives her comfort. However, all she can think about is the crush he had on her last vacation, and how she secretly still has feelings for him.

Cut to Lyle looking outside onto the scene of the crime…

Hott Dogg immediately calls Cody to tell him the bad news; however, she thinks it’s all a big prank. There’s no way Daddy could just get up by himself, and walk away after he’s been dead…or, could there be???

The roommates decide to come up with a plan. There’s obviously something up, so they decide to finish watching the crime shows that Tiffany and Lauren were watching.

Where’s Daddy, you wonder? Well, while the roommates try to come up with a plan, Daddy is out and about trying to find what he loves most.

Yes, he turned into a zombie. How, you wonder? There was something in the water. Pure science.

Now, back to the story: After Daddy stumbles over to his favorite bar in St. Pete, he immediately gets kicked out by security. Standard. But this time, it wasn’t for falling down.

Once Daddy’s outside, he finds his way back to the house. The roommates are still trying to figure out what to do, who to call and whether or not they’re just being punk’d. Ashton?!

Daddy bee-lines it straight for the couch. There’s still a small part of him that loves his family, so he holds back the hunger 😉

Murray might be scared, but soon enough, he musters up the confidence to do what he has to do: save the house from zombie-Daddy.

After Murray uses his zombie movie knowledge, BOOM! Murray saves the day. Poor Daddy…he will be missed.

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