Carrie Underwood: “My Friends Are Normal”

Singer Explains Why Everything Is OK

You know how every time Taylor Swift posts a picture with her girlfriends on Instagram, she captions it with something about her squad?

Well, do not expect Carrie Underwood to do the same. She doesn’t even know what a squad is.

“I don’t even know squad,” Underwood said when People asked her if she had one. “Like a posse? I have people I hang out with.”

But Underwood’s posse isn’t full of supermodels and actresses and celebs. Other than the fact that they can call Underwood a friend, and probably have her cell phone number in their favorites, they are just regular girls.

“My friends are normal people,” she explained, “one’s a baker and the other is a stay-at-home mom.”

The fact that she keeps her close-knit group small could be because she isn’t great in big groups. She admits that she still gets “totally nervous” in group situations.

“I don’t always know what to say. I can be super awkward, and I will say the wrong thing,” she said. “My favorite word is ’OK.’ If somebody says something to me that I don’t know how to respond to, or if I’m in a weird situation where I’m just uncomfortable and there’s a lot of people, even if somebody is being super sweet and cool, I’m like ’OK.'”

There’s nothing wrong with having a go-to response in situations like that. I think that’s more than OK.

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