Nashville: The Not-So-Obvious Lessons

From Uncool Opry Moments to Doctors Without Scruples

Funerals are sad and songwriting is hard and ear infections aren’t fatal and Adderall comes easy to celebrities.

That much, I knew. Everything else that happened on Wednesday night’s (Oct. 14) Nashville was kind of news to me, though.

Like how spontaneous duets at the Opry are uncool, per Rayna. And that hugging a doctor can feel like hugging a textbook, per Scarlett. And that sometimes you should trust that what binds you isn’t broken, per Avery. And how doctors walk around with bags full of shots saying to patients, “Tell me how you want to feel.”

It was a very eye-opening episode, and not just for me. Zoey realized that Gunnar still — still! — has feelings for Scarlett. Juliette realized that her ex-assistant is just a gold-diggin’ back-stabbin’ whore. Deacon realized that having a temper tantrum is better than having a drink. Avery realized that whoever Juliette was, she’s gone. And Layla realized that any man who buys you cowboy boots isn’t all bad.

I think the only one who didn’t learn something on the show was “that damn reporter” following Juliette around for 48 hours. She didn’t even see the crumbling wall of celebrity right there in front of her.

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