How Dierks Bentley Knows He’s Sexy


How does it feel to be People magazine’s “Sexiest Man of the Week”? Just ask Dierks Bentley.

But People isn’t the only one who thinks Dierks deserves the honor. In a positive twist on the famous Celebrities Read Mean Tweets concept, the magazine had Dierks read support from his Twitter followers, who all unanimously agreed.

So how does Dierks feel about his current single being labeled “sexy”? “I like the idea of ’Riser’ being sexy,” Dierks told People, “It’s a powerful song, and there’s a lot of sexy in power.”

The “Riser” video is a serious heart-melting tear jerker, but that’s clearly not the only reason fans love it. Was “hot and bothered” what Dierks was aiming for? Not exactly, but it might be the inspiration for his next hit. “Wow. Hot and bothered. That’s a good song title. I can’t believe someone hasn’t actually written that yet.”

We think you should give it a go, Dierks. ?

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