Party Down South: Behind the Proposal

The Bachelor Down South

Before the next episode of Party Down South, you must get the inside scoop on Lyle’s proposal from this recent episode. It would be unfair for us not to ask the hard-hitting questions. This is a big life moment, people!

Creator SallyAnn Salsano shares everything you may (or may not) be dying to know. But first, let’s get two questions out of the way:

Hannah and Tiffany are sleeping together??? What??? At which point did they start being chummy?

Saaaaaaage. Saaaaaaage. It works wonders doesn’t it? And look at a certain point they realized they have a long stay here so best for both if them to suck it up.

Let’s talk about the pee. Did Walt’s girl feel bad about wetting the bed?

Oddly not as awkward as you would think it should’ve been. I would not have been so calm but these guys always do stuff that makes my jaw drop so what do I know. Haha!

Now, on to the juicy stuff…

Tell us more about the engagement ring. Why does Lyle call it a promise ring?

Because he promises to upgrade it over time and promises to marry her obviously. Lyle is a fly by the seat if his pants kinda and didn’t want to wait. I also think he wants to upgrade in time ( but it was so nice, go Lyle).

How long did Lyle rehearse his parents speech?

That one on the phone? Pretty sure that one was off the cuff but with Lyle you never know. There were nights he was just up all night staring at the ceiling so I’m sure the parents speech was keeping him up along with everything else.

How were the other diners reacting to Lyle and Santana at the restaurant?

There were for sure some eyebrow raises but at the end of the day Santana and Lyle were so happy to see each other the rest of the patrons just went along with it.

Did Santana know or have an idea something special was going to happen?

Total surprise she was not expecting a proposal at all.

How long did it take to prep outside?

In my career I’ve shot many weddings but this proposal set up happened lightning fast. They were at dinner for two hours so the roommates “got it going” that fast. Pretty impressive actually.

Did anything funny happen with Walt and daddy prepping for the engagement that we didn’t see?

Broken glass. Dirty fingers during food making….You know the usual but seeing those guys get dressed up to be the waiters is one of my highlights from any season. Again they were all so heavily invested in making this the best proposal ever.. In there own way.. These guys do really care about each other.

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