Gainesville: Top 5 Moments From How Many Chances …

The Ladies Take a Stand

Last night’s new episode of Gainesville was all about the ladies taking a stand. Andreya moved on from Brian, Kerryn was straight up with Sebastian, Beth took her future in to her own hands, and Shelby stood her ground to her parents.

Let’s take a look back at all of those great moments…

  1. Andreya’s #OverIt

    With Brian back in jail, Andreya realized she was out of chances to give him.

  2. Kerryn’s Honesty

    Kerryn definitely cares for Sebastian, so she would rather be honest and blunt with him than lead him on.

  3. Shelby’s Confidence

    Shelby’s parents may not agree with her decision to have a breast augmentation, but she held her ground.

  4. Beth’s Choice

    Beth made some pretty serious decisions about her future, and we doubt she will let drama with Kenny stand in her way.

  5. The Bunting’s Reunion

    There was no better sight for Brian’s first jail-free moment than his two leading ladies: His mom and Shelby.

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