Tim McGraw Tells Paparazzi to Back Off

“Our Kids Didn’t Ask For It,” He Says

Tim McGraw knows you want to take his picture. And probably even his wife Faith Hill’s picture. But in a recent radio interview, he talked about why it’s important to him that photographers know where to draw the line.

“I think that we put ourselves out there, because that’s what we do for a living,” McGraw said. “But our kids didn’t ask for it.”

His wish is that any kind of paparazzi would have some guidelines, and respect when someone asks them to stop.

“There has to be some distance. You got to have some restraint,” he says. “I don’t mind people taking pictures, but at least if somebody says no, or somebody’s doing something, leave their family out of it.”

Fortunately, that kind of thing only happens when McGraw and Hill are traveling with the family, because when they are at home in Nashville, that is their “safe haven.”

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