Justin Moore: Grounded

How He Copes with Aviophobia

In a recent radio interview, Justin Moore admitted something very personal. He has a fear of flying.

It’s not uncommon — I have the exact same fear, so I am 100 percent sympathetic — but for someone who makes his living traveling, it has to be a little inconvenient.

It sounds like Moore isn’t troubled by it, though. In fact, he prefers his tour bus anyway.

“I absolutely hate to fly, terrified of flying. I don’t do it very often. I feel much safer in my bus,” Moore said. “Somebody’s got to hit that thing pretty hard for me to get hurt in it. I mean, it’s a big machine.”

It’s not just the bus itself, though. It’s the guy behind the wheel that makes Moore feel so safe.

“I know my driver well. I got to hire my driver. If I didn’t have a relationship with my driver, it takes a little while to build that trust, and so my guy’s been with me a couple years now and I know that he’s a great guy. I know he’s good at what he does,” he said, “so I feel pretty comfortable.”

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