Tim McGraw’s “Full Disclosure” Over Mets

Singer Admits Which Side He Is On

The New York Mets beat the Chicago Cubs in game three of baseball’s National League Championship Series Tuesday (Oct. 20) night, and Tim McGraw was there to see it.

He was in Chicago, technically, but his heart was in New York. Because he admitted on Windy City Live earlier in the day, when they asked him about going to the game at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, “Full disclosure, though. I’m a Mets fan.”

McGraw’s biological father Tug McGraw was a pitcher for the Mets for nine years, including the year McGraw was born. So obviously, there’s some loyalty in his genes.

He wasn’t at the playoff game in any official capacity, to sing the national anthem or perform. “I’m gonna have a hot dog and enjoy the game,” he said. Although I bet he had a really, really good seat.

Later, he sent a tweet to one of the top guys at concert promoter Live Nation, Brian O’Connell.

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