Meet Ran & Tay: Country’s Coolest New Duo

Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert Join Forces for "Wagon"

Guess what. There is someone who actually can ride in Miranda Lambert’s “Little Red Wagon”Taylor Swift.

Because after Wednesday night’s (Oct. 21) Swift show in Greensboro, North Carolina, the pop star was tweeting about just such a ride.

Steve Exum/LP5 Getty Images for TAS

It started when she invited Lambert to be part of her show at the Greensboro Coliseum. And then she started tweeting about it, with flame emojis and hastags and everything.

(Why she didn’t hashtag #throneofmen is a mystery, because that would be trending instantly if she had.)

After Lambert launched into the song, Swift quickly steps in — with a hearty dose of back-yard swagger — to join her. And with all the ooooohs and aaaaahs in all the right places.

By the end of the night, Lambert just tweeted back to Swift with some praise if her own.

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