Carrie Underwood: “I Hope I Still Make You Proud”

Her New Album's Liner Notes Tell Their Own Story

Inside the back cover of Carrie Underwood’s new album, there are liner notes. And in those liner notes, she thanks everyone who had anything to do with the 13 tracks that make up Storyteller. The project — her fifth studio album — was released Friday (Oct. 23).

So it is a very, very long list full of her heartfelt gratitude.

God and her husband, Mike Fisher, come first. Then there is Isaiah, her baby boy who is getting a little closer to his first birthday every day.

“To my sweet Isaiah, thank you for showing me how to truly love,” Underwood says. “You are the sunshine in my day … every day! I am the luckiest person in the world to get to call myself your mom.”

Underwood thanks her producers, her label, her band, her crew, the songwriters and the musicians who “played their hearts out on this album.”

But my favorite part of the whole list is when she takes the time to thank her own family, her mother and father, for always being there for her.

“More than anything,” she says, “I hope I still make you proud.”

That says more than the music ever could.

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