Gainesville: Best Moments From I Did This for You

They Saved the Best for Last

The first season of Gainesville has come and gone, but the finale was everything we dreamed of. We got answers to all of our burning questions, but we still want to know more.

Will Beth move back to Gainesville after Orlando? Will Brian and Andreya make it work this time? Will Sebastian and Kerryn ever reunite? While we’re left wondering what comes next for our favorite characters, let’s look back at everything we did find out last night.

  1. Sebastian’s Performance

    Austin may have his doubts about his little bro’s relationship with Kerryn, but he confirmed Sebastian “performed well” on his first time.

  2. The #Briandreya Reunion

    With Brian out of jail, Andreya was finally considering taking him back.

  3. Keeping The Faith

    Brian’s had quite the support system as headed in to his big boxing match.

  4. The Break Up

    Sebastian laid down an ultimatum about their relationship, but Kerryn did not budge.

  5. I Did This For You, Bae

    Brian may have lost the fight, but he won the girl.

  6. Bye Bye, Beth

    We guess Kenny’s invitation to Beth’s going away party was the answer to his question about their future.

  7. Where It All Began

    Sitting on the same bench where Andreya told Brian he needed to prove himself to her, these two finally got back together.

  8. Frenemies No More

    Andreya and Kerryn finally put all of their drama behind them.

  9. Cheers to the Future

    Beth may not know what the future holds for her in Orlando, but she will always have her amazing family of friends in Gainesville to come home to.

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