Luke Bryan Is Country’s Million Dollar Man

Adding Up Year-End Numbers for Fans and Earnings

Luke Bryan still has three concerts left to play this year, and yet, the numbers are already in for 2015 – he is in the very top spot.

In ticket sales alone – so not counting merchandise sales – Bryan’s tour has made $49 million so far this year. He obviously doesn’t get to keep all of that. There are bands to pay, crew to pay, buses to gas up, and on and on.

Oh, and taxes.

But it’s still a very impressive number, and it is part of the equation that landed Bryan at the top of Billboard’s Hot Tours tally.

The other number, and one that I am guessing is Bryan’s favorite, is 1,014,822. That’s how many people saw his show this year. After his upcoming shows this week in Chicago and Detroit, it will probably be up around 1,114,822.

I have to think that for an artist, any time you break that one-million mark in a calendar year, you’d have to be pretty proud.

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