And Keith Urban’s New Album Title Is …

Country Star Sends Me to the Mobile Dictionary

Ripcord – that’s the name of Keith Urban’s forthcoming eighth studio album.

Are you scratching your head a little bit, too? It’s okay. I’ll admit when I first saw this one, I didn’t exactly “get it.” What does that mean? What is a ripcord?

So I “googled” and found that a ripcord is a device used to open a parachute.

It’s also an amusement park free-fall ride, a 1960s TV series and a character in G.I. Joe’s Real American Hero world, all related to skydiving.

So I’m sticking with this parachute-related definition as a possible means of inspiration. Think about it: It symbolizes adventure, risk, something daring, something breathtaking, something … life-changing?

It’s the thing that saves you when you go over the edge. Sounds like great inspiration for an album to me.

And yes, I could be completely wrong in my assessment. Only Urban can explain his reasoning behind the title – and I can’t wait to ask him.

The album has already released two singles, the hit “John Cougar, John Deer, John 3:16” and his latest, “Break on Me.”

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