Luke Bryan’s Little Zombie Hunters

And Other Halloween Plans at Home

Full size or fun size? That was the first thing I asked Luke Bryan when we started talking about his Halloween plans for this year.

Because I’ve heard that celebrities often feel the pressure to give out full-size candy bars – sometimes even the king size ones – once they reach a certain level of stardom. The Kit-Kat expectations are very, very high.

But guess what. There will be no candy bars.

“Our farm is kind of in the back of the neighborhood, so by the time any kids walk back there, the whole trick or treating part of the night would be over,” he laughed during an interview in Chicago Thursday (Oct. 29).

Instead, Bryan and his wife Caroline will get together with everyone in the neighborhood on Halloween, which is his one night off between the last show of his tour and his rescheduled Farm Tour date on Nov. 1 in Pelion, South Carolina.

“We’re having a big, fun neighborhood Halloween get together. The whole neighborhood is on an email to plan it up,” he explained. “There are tons of kids. So it’s all good.”

And that’s just what the Bryans wanted when they were building their dream home.

“It’s an awesome little dynamic. We always wanted a farm,” Bryan told me. “But I also didn’t want to have a farm so far out that my boys never had anyone to play with. So it’s nice that there are 20 other houses right there, where the boys can jump the fence. Boys from the neighborhood are always running around. Bo and Tate don’t even realize how good they have it.”

But even though there might not be any trick or treating at the Bryans, there will be costumes. Bryan wasn’t specific, but said that his sons Bo and Tate, and maybe even his nephew Til, would be “some form of a zombie hunters.”

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