Why Do We Love Kellie Pickler?

There's Just So Much to Love

On the eve of the premiere of I Love Kellie Pickler, we got to thinking, what do we love most about Kellie Picker? We asked on Facebook, and you answered! Here are some of our favorite reasons why y’all love her.

  1. She’s Patriotic

    “I love Kellie Pickler because she is real, down to earth and has a great heart! I am in the military and she has done many USO tours for the troops and will stay and sign autographs for as long as it takes until there is no one in line. She is a true down home American!” – Deana Z.

  2. She’s All About Family

    “What’s not to love about a beautiful, sweet and funny girl from Albemarle, NC! She loves her grandparents and adores her little brother, and now has a handsome husband to look at. I’ve watched little Kellie Pickler since her Idol days and she has blossomed in to a wonderful entertainer, but has remained very humble and sweet. Most of all that girl can make me laugh!” – Donna H.

  3. She Supports Her Friends

    “When her friend had cancer she shaved her head in support. Her fame has not changed her, she is still a down-to-earth southern lady.” – Tina L.

  4. She Helps People

    “She is the cutest and most of all sweetest person ever. She makes me laugh and makes my heart feel so much lighter. She is like the brightest star in the sky at night. I take care of my mom with Alzheimer’s and it gets rough, but she has always made me laugh which is so very important. I want her to know that she helps people so much, and I just love her to pieces. Her show is definitely going to be my favorite show, which I will watch over and over.” – RaDonna C.

  5. She’s True to Herself

    “I love Kellie because she doesn’t try to be anyone but herself. She is spunky and has a cute personality. She supports our troops, and she is also kind-hearted. I could definitely see us being best friends!” – Kari B.

  6. She Appreciates Her Fans

    “She’s an inspiration to many, especially my daughter Emilly. Kellie is her absolute favorite country artist. She has a huge heart, and I say this based on a personal experience from the last time we met her. She appreciates her fans more than any other artist we’ve ever met. Her charity work is also quite impressive! Love her to pieces!” – Michelle K.

  7. She Hasn’t Let Fame Change Her

    “From the second she stepped up to audition for American idol, anyone could see what a real, raw, down-to-earth person she was. 10 years in the celebrity industry, she hasn’t appeared to change at all. She exudes love and The Lord has blessed her with her musical talent and a gift of a very personable nature.” – Susan F.

  8. She’s An Inspiration

    “I love Kellie Pickler because she is a strong woman who can do anything she puts her mind to! She’s an inspiration for women everywhere.” – Marisa N.

  9. She’s Full of Positivity

    “She’s a little spitball of energy. Full of positivity and really we should all be like that. Positive people and laughter are what makes the world a much happier place, and that’s where I want to be.” – Mona R.

  10. She Has A Beautiful Voice

    “She is awesome and can sing. She has a beautiful voice.” – Chuck R.

What are other reasons you love Kellie Pickler? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t forget to catch the premiere of I Love Kellie Pickler tomorrow at 10 p.m. ET/PT. And for exclusive news and video, photo galleries and more, head over to, the CMT app, the official I Love Kellie Pickler Facebook page and Twitter using #ILoveKP.

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