Carrie Underwood Never Minds the Slobber

Isaiah Stars In Her Best Video Yet

“I don’t mind! I don’t mind!”

When Carrie Underwood utters those three little words to her baby boy Isaiah in her brand new Instagram video, it is proof that a mother’s love is the purest kind of love there is.

All you have to do is watch it once to see what I mean. Underwood asks Isaiah – who is nine months old and kind of standing up (with help) – for a kiss, and he gives her one. A big, juicy, slobbery one.

“Baby kisses are the best thing in the world … I’m so thankful for my sweet angel. He makes my life better in every way,” she wrote, hashtagging the video with #SoInLove #MomLife #Slobber.

Hearing his infectious giggle, and then Underwood’s in response, I think it’s safe to say we are all so thankful for the sweet angel that is Isaiah.

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