Will David Nail Cover Adele’s New Tune?

Could Her "Hello" Be Next?

One of my favorite David Nail songs — and that is a very, very long list – has to be his cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

It was on his 2012 EP called 1979. So since it’s been a couple years, I asked him if he was ready to put his soulful country spin on Adele’s brand new hit “Hello.”
“Holy smokes,” Nail told me at the ASCAP Awards in Nashville on Nov. 2. “How great is that?”

But hearing her flawless voice has made Nail question his own talents.

“You start to feel good about yourself as a performer,” he admitted, “and then you hear something like that. Then you’re just like, ‘Golly, man. I’m the poorest excuse for a singer there is.’”

He said that his wife sent him a link to “Hello” right when it was released, and he listened to it six times in a row, right away.

“I’ve never heard anyone sing with that much pain and emotion,” Nail said.

So, will he cover it? Most likely, no. Because he told me he can still barely believe he did it with the first one.

“Why did I want to record a song that is so impossible to sing,” he laughed.

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