Nashville: A Death, a Haircut and a Full House Moment

And Luke Mans Up to His Son

Jeff died last week. But on Wednesday night’s (Nov. 11) Nashville, there were other moments that were almost just as dramatic.

Like Scarlett finally cutting all of her mermaid hair off. “It’s time let go,” she tells the stylist. She donates probably a good two feet of her blond to Locks of Love, and that somehow frees her to go on tour with Gunnar and recommit to Dr. Boyfriend. They agree they will never be apart for more than ten days.

And that could work, because Gunnar’s found someone new. Erin, who is going to run sound on the Exes tour, claims that she and Gunnar are “super chill.”

And since Gunnar will be on the road, and Kevin broke up with Will, Avery decides that he and baby Cadence should stay at Will’s instead of getting a lonely single-dad apartment. It’s a very Full House moment, especially when the two guys duet on a make-shift lullaby to sing the baby girl back to sleep.

(Avery isn’t out of the woods, emotionally. Not by a long shot. He says things like “moving on means moving on,” but he also admits that fatherhood has caused him to postpone the hurt. And he doesn’t even know about his baby mommy’s involvement in Jeff’s death yet.)

Juliette slowly but damn surely starts remembering what happened the night Jeff died. Her remorse leads to an epiphany, which leads to rehab.

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