Blake Shelton Calls Joey Feek “Inspirational”

This Battle Round Has Him Speechless

Back in 2004, Rory Feek wrote one of Blake Shelton’s big hits, “Some Beach.”

And now more than ten years later, Feek’s wife Joey is fighting for her life, and Shelton is struggling to find the right words.

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“He was always just someone I kinda knew,” Shelton said of Feek, “but to see what they’re going through as a family and what’s happening with Joey, what can you say?”

it's all about love.

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He’s right. It’s almost impossible to find words that could comfort the Feeks, as Joey comes to the end of her battle with cancer. She returned home earlier this week and is now in hospice care.

..this was taken at one of our last concerts. Love is a powerful thing to pray for.

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“The courage that they as a family have displayed – it’s inspirational,” Shelton told Entertainment Tonight.

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