I Love Kellie Pickler: Meet Daylan

Who Is The Man Behind The Muscles?

If you’ve seen the first few episodes of I Love Kellie Pickler, you may know Daylan as Kellie’s childhood friend, who is staying with Kellie and Kyle while the plumbing in his apartment gets fixed.

But really, to Kellie and Kyle, Daylan is like family. The kind of family that gets on your nerves, eats your food and rips on you for being out of shape. ? But at the end of the day, they all love each other. ❤

We sat down with Daylan to get the scoop on the man behind the muscles and what’s its like to be a house guest at the funniest, craziest and cutest home in America. ?

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Daylan, I like long walks on the beach … just kidding. I like to work out, I like go out, I like to hang out with my friends. I’m a big mixed martial arts guy, I used to own an MMA gym. I love to cook, that’s my release. Take a couple shots of Jack and start cooking. When I get upset, I’m like, “You know what? I feel like making my homemade mac and cheese and pigs in a blanket.”

Do you ever cook for the Hillbilly Supper Club?
I have, yeah. I make my mac and cheese, and I like to marinate steaks and chicken. I’m more redneck-ish, so I like to throw cheese and garlic and some hot sauce in there, and just see what happens. Can’t go wrong.

What do you like to do for fun?
I like to work out, play Madden, aggravate Kyle, get on his nerves. Kellie was gone last Sunday and I called him a bunch of times.

Speaking of Kellie, how did you two meet?
We’re from the same town, so we met in school. We just became really close, and she and my mother are really close, so we just became like brother and sister. In high school, she was a cheerleader. I played basketball and football, so we stayed close.

So what is your favorite memory from living with Kellie and Kyle?
Hmmm … probably getting on Kyle’s nerves, eating his food and drinking his alcohol.

What do you and Kyle do when Kellie is gone?
What don’t we do? Just dude stuff really. Just anything you can think of that’s ridiculous. We try to beat each other with sticks or put some boxing gloves on and go at it. Sometimes we will go on little “man dates” and go grab a duck burger and watch a movie, but only when he’s feeling nice.

When Kellie comes back in town, do you spend a lot of time with the two of them? Or do you try to give them their space?
I gotta take it from a 10 to 6 when Kellie is in town, because she will give me that look, you know. She’s scary sometimes when she gives you that look.

Would you say you and Kyle are a lot alike?
We’ve got a lot in common, and we do get along really well. It’s weird. He’s like a mentor and a best friend and a brother. Just depends on what day of the week it is and whether he’s beating me up or giving me advice or loving on me, I never know.

In last week’s episode, you and Kyle try hot yoga with Kellie, and it didn’t go so “hot” for you. Will you ever do that again?
Hell, no! Are you kidding me? Ha, but no, I would try it again. It was intense, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Like I said, I train martial arts, so I thought it would just be hot and I would sit there and stretch, but it was freaking horrible.

All right, let’s finish up with a lightning around. Answer with the first thing that comes to mind.

Favorite food: Chicken! ?

Favorite restaurant in Nashville: J. Alexanders ?

Favorite movie: My Dog Skip ’cause I was in it.* But really, Scarface, Dirty Dancing, Grease, The Notebook … I don’t know. ?

Favorite country artist: Kellie Pickler, duh! But also Travis Tritt. ?

Favorite emoji: What the hell is that? ?

Favorite sport: Mixed martial arts ?

Favorite one of Kellie’s dogs: Peanut, duh. ’Cause Pixie is not a dog, she’s an alien. ?

Favorite holiday: My birthday! ?

Go-to karaoke song: ?”I’m carrying your love with me, West Virginia down to Tennessee…”? (“Carrying Your Love With Me” by George Strait)

*He really was! Check it out:

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