Carrie Underwood Has Axl Rose on Her Bucket List

Is a Duet With the Guns N’ Roses Front Man Up Next?

I think it’s safe to say that Carrie Underwood is on a lot of bucket lists. I’m sure singers everywhere would love to duet with her, especially since her vocals are so well-suited to just about everyone from Brad Paisley to Miranda Lambert.

But if it is up to Underwood, her next duet partner would be Axl Rose.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When she caught up with E! during rehearsals for her American Music Awards performance, and they asked her who she wants to sing with next, he topped her list.

“I really want to sing with Axl Rose at some point in my life. I’ve covered enough Guns N’ Roses stuff and it was people like him who taught me how to sing,” Underwood revealed. “They were so different. I look at people like him and (Queen’s) Freddie Mercury, those people who were doing all these crazy runs. It was so different.”

This could actually work. Because even though Underwood has a baby at home now, she’s still got the soul of a rocker. She is not all romance and fairy tales and butterflies. When she does do love songs, she says, they are going to be more real life.

“That’s just not reality. I felt like as we were writing (’Heartbeat’), it was so conversational and this is my life. This is me and my husband just needing to be alone. It doesn’t have to be all presents and Romeo and Juliet,” she explained. “It can be simple and lovely.”

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