Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw Make People’s Sexiest Issue

Confirming What Country Fans Already Knew

Those people at People. Sometimes they are just masters of the obvious.

This year, their sexiest men issue includes two country stars who country fans have already determined to be very worthy of that honor: Blake Shelton and Tim McGraw.

McGraw credits swimming and eating oatmeal and chicken for his damn-near-perfect body, even at 48. “I feel like the best years are ahead of me,” he told the magazine.

The Denver Post via Getty Images

Shelton won’t come right out and admit that he’s sexy, but does say that where he’s from is full of it.

“Oklahoma is sexy because it’s full of wide open spaces. There are areas where I live that there is no one around for miles and miles. That can make for some sexiness,” he said.

Garth Brooks also made the issue, in the Sexy at Every Age section, for being the hottest 53 year old. (He’s much too young to be that damn old, right?)