Counting Blessings With Chris Stapleton

Says He's "Always Been Thankful"

Maybe this Thanksgiving won’t be any different for Chris Stapleton. Sure, he won three CMA Awards and broke records and increased his sales by 6,512 percent almost over night, but the country singer told me that he has always counted his blessings.

Terry Wyatt/WireImage

In fact, when I asked him how he was doing about a week after the CMAs, he quipped, “Much better than I deserve.”

And when we talked about the upcoming holiday, he was just leaving a Thanksgiving parents lunch at his son’s school. His plans for this Thursday (Nov. 26) include staying home and spending the day with a lot of family and good food.

He reflected on Nov. 4 – a date he called a “completely unexpected and magical night” – and said that he is grateful for that special time, but that he was already grateful for so much.

Terry Wyatt/WireImage

“I’m thankful for a lot of things, before and after the CMA Awards. I don’t know that much will change. I’m thankful to be working in music, which is something I love. But I’ve always been thankful for that,” he told me. “And obviously, we’ve got some new territory to cover professionally, and I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful that I get to continue to be part of music. That’s not a giant change, but I’m thankful for that, especially.”

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