What Kip Moore Does in His Bus Bunk

He Reads Your Letters Every Night

When Kip Moore posts something — anything, really — handwritten, you know it’s going to be good. And honest. And from the heart. And not fine-tuned by a team of marketing experts.

His latest social media note is no exception.

Moore posted this note, which is kind of like fan mail for his fans, on Sunday night (Dec. 6).

“Thank you to all … you inspire me daily, and I hope I leave you with an ounce of what you leave me with every night,” he wrote.

And he posted a photo of his two-part letter.
Part one is about how much he appreciates his fans.

“I had hopes of what the tour would be like, but you guys exceeded anything I had hoped for,” he said. “I read your letters in my bunk every night, and I wanna thank you for sharing your stories with me. I was moved by your passion, your relentless pursuit if your dreams, strength, courage and love for the music.”

Admitting he battles his own demons, he added, “Your support for what we do and belief in us carries us through each day.”

Moore also apologizes to the people who didn’t get enough time with him during meet-and-greets and for forgetting people’s names sometimes.

Part two of the letter is really just about what’s ahead, including new music, additional shows and more of this mutual adoration between fan and artist.

“I love y’all and hope 2016 is a year to remember for each one of you,” he said.