Already Missing You, Nashville

How Will We Get By Without You?

I suppose Christmas will kill a little time. And then New Year’s Eve and its related resolutions will keep us all kind of busy. But then what? How are we supposed to cope with all the unanswered questions we have after Wednesday night’s (Dec. 9) mid-season cliffhanger on ABC’s Nashville?

Most importantly, what will become of Luke? Through no fault of his own, he is going to lose everything he owns (plus his girlfriend and his teenage son), all because his business manager managed to embezzle from him, and now he has to pay about $40 million back to the government. He’ll liquidate his assets, but will that be enough? I hope Luke turns this crappy hand he’s been dealt into some kind of massive country hit. I can think of a few things that rhyme with tax.

I also don’t know if I can handle not knowing if Avery is right about Juliette. Is she just going to manipulate Emily and the doctors and everyone else into giving her time with Cadence so she can ultimately kidnap her own baby girl?

And what will Will do now that his anti-gay songwriting partner Wade turns out to actually be pro-gay — and very pro-Will?

Then, as usual, Deacon and Rayna leave me wanting more. Not because of their plans to marry. That was inevitable and expected. But I am wondering how Rayna can marry a man who was so cavalier about her business woes. Is she supposed to unsign every artist who wants to flirt with her, kiss her and potentially sleep with her? If that’s the case, Deacon better hope The Beverly starts to turn a huge profit because Rayna will be out of business in no time.

The show will be back in March. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to keep guessing.