Trisha Yearwood: Yes to Beer Pong With With Loretta Lynn

And Yes to Donating an Organ to Dolly Parton

I’ve asked a lot of country stars a lot of questions in my life, but I have to admit, Andy Cohen has outdone me.

The questions he asked Trisha Yearwood when she was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live show were just hypothetical ones, but her answers were dead serious. So all in all, a pretty perfect Q&A session.

Would she donate an organ to Dolly Parton so she couldlive forever? Yearwood says of course she would, adding, “We need to save those.”

Would she vote for Carrie Underwood if she’d needed a vote to win American Idol? There is some hesitation on Yearwood’s part on this one, only because she says she doesn’t remember who she was up against that season. “I’m withholding,” she admits.

Would she play beer pong with Loretta Lynn? That is actually kind of a silly question, because who wouldn’t? Yearwood gives Cohen an immediate yes and then says, “Loretta’s crazy sober. She’s great. She’s a fun hang.”

Would she be a judge on The Voice if NBC fired Blake Shelton? Sadly, Yearwood says no to this one. “I don’t like judging people [and] telling them they’re bad,” she says.

Other automatic yeses for Yearwood included auditioning for the June Carter Cash role in the Walk the Line movie, hosting a cooking show with Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson and taking a Louisville Slugger to a cheating boyfriend’s car.