Cole Swindell, Crying With His Brothers

Their Late Father Would've Loved This

When Cole Swindell pulls his pickup truck into a cemetery, you know that this music video is not going to be anything like his other videos.

It’s still his gravelly voice. And he’s still singing lyrics he penned. But this time, in his new song “You Should Be Here,” Swindell is singing the kind of song that will make even the toughest country fan have to fight back tears.

It is about his dad William, who died tragically in the summer of 2013, when a truck he was working on fell on him.

The new video opens with an old video of Cole calling his dad to tell him about signing his record deal, just weeks before he died. And it ends with Cole and his brothers crying very genuine tears at their father’s headstone.

In between, it’s all the moments of the past two and a half years that Swindell wishes his dad could’ve been here for.

Swindell wrote this song with Ashley Gorley, and in a press release, he said that this is the kind of music that drew him to country in the first place.

“This is the song I came to Nashville to write. It’s not like anything I’ve written before. I’m extremely proud this is the first single from my next album. I think anyone can relate to this song for so many different reasons because we’ve all had moments that we wished someone special could have shared with us,” Swindell said.

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