Phil Vassar Pairs Nicely With Wine

Singer-Songwriter Goes Underground With His Friends

You know how in Phil Vassar’s “Six-Pack Summer,” he sings about how “winter sure was cold and miserable, cooped up, shut down, baby it was pitiful”? Well, his winter is about to get a lot less miserable.

Vassar recently finished creating an underground wine cellar at his 1880s estate and stocked it with more than 400 bottles of wine and spirits. Some came from the private label bottles of his celebrity friends.

And to show that all off, Vassar is about the start his Songs From the Cellar web series. He will invite artists, songwriters, musicians and wine connoisseurs to tell stories, talk about the drinks, and, hopefully, sing a few songs.

“This is a first for us, and it’ll be a real treat for our fans. We always wanted to bring them into our home and witness some of the magic that can happen when we play with icons like Steve Cropper and newcomers who are as talented as Sarah Darling. And we found Songs From the Cellar was the perfect opportunity to sip some vino, sing our hearts out and share some laughs,” Vassar says on his website.

The first episode is set to debut on Tuesday (Dec. 22) on and

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