Faith Hill Remains a Big Star in a Small Star

Mississippi Country Music Trail Honors Singer

On Sunday (Dec. 20), Faith Hill’s father and brother went out to the corner of Main and Mangum streets in Star, Mississippi, to represent the family when her marker on the Mississippi Country Music Trail was unveiled.

She was unable to attend, but she but she tweeted a photo right away.

The brand new plaque touches on her lifelong love of music, and then sums up Hill’s career after leaving Star to find fame in Nashville:

“From the time of her childhood here in Star, Faith Hill demonstrated a zest for music and performing that took her to Nashville while still a teenager, and to stardom from the release of her first record in 1993. She became a dominant, glamorous face of country music, a major star in the broader pop music market, with tens of millions in record sales, and multiple awards, and an effective advocate for the culture and people of Mississippi on the national stage.”

The Trail also includes markers for Tammy Wynette, Conway Twitty, Elvis Presley, Charley Pride, Chris LeDoux, Marty Stuart and many others.