Redneck Island: Battle at the Lake Premieres Jan. 28

Melissa Rycroft Joins Wrestling Icon Steve Austin as Co-Hosts

The long-running competition series Redneck Island is set to return for a fifth season with a special Battle At The Lake edition, premiering Thursday, Jan. 28, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

TV personality and CMT fan-favorite Melissa Rycroft will join wrestling icon Steve Austin to preside over 10 new episodes of the series, as 24 contestants compete for the $100,000 cash prize. Things heat up quickly on the lake, as 12 new contestants arrive to find they’ll face off against 12 returning fan-favorites from the previous season.

Returning for another shot at the money are season three contestants Becky, Bradley, Cody, Heather, Hunter, Jorden, Josh, Lucas, Margaret, Nicole, Riley and Tessa. Alliances form early and relationships will be put to the test as the 12 seasoned veterans must face off against 12 eager new rookies for some of the most epic showdowns yet.

It’ll be one heck of a season, that’s for sure!

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