Carrie Underwood: “A Lot of Us in There”

Behind the Scenes of Her "Heartbeat" Video

Carrie Underwood’s new video for “Heartbeat” is out, and it’s lovely. But it’s also just so her.

And that was exactly what she was trying to do with the video and the song: to let it reflect the kind of down-to-earth and not-so-idealized relationship she has with her husband Mike Fisher.

“We’re both so busy, always going places and being at events and dressing up for some reason other than a date night,” Underwood told E! “So it’s a good reminder for me. Sometimes you just have to make things simpler and escape all the noise. Definitely a lot of us in there.”

Underwood’s discography isn’t packed with love songs, so when she does release one, you know it’s something special.

“I really don’t do a whole lot of love songs. Either I have to really believe them, or it has to really be my story,” she said.

This one, which she describes as a realistic relationship type song that is just a conversation between a couple, needed a male voice to be part of that conversation. Enter Sam Hunt.

“We just wanted it to be a nice voice that would complement mine, so he came in and lent his gorgeous vocals for the song,” she said. “I think it turned out really great. It was the piece of the puzzle that made it that much better.”