If Kip Moore Had Been Singing in the ’50s

What Would It Be Like to Have Fans Glued on You?

I have no idea what it would’ve been like to go to a concert in the 1950s. But I imagine we’d all be wearing pearls and peau de soie shoes and we’d all be drinking Manhattans and smoking cigarettes. And we’d probably all be listening intently to the music.

Kip Moore wonders about that, too, in a recent radio interview with NASH FM.

“I think about how awesome it would’ve been playing music in the ’50s and ’60s and ’70s, when those artists got up there, and no one had anything like that,” he said about the current obsession with cell phones at concerts. “It’s like, I can’t imagine what that would’ve felt like with everybody just being glued on you, and there’s no distractions.”

Moore talked about how much better it is when his fans go old-school and just turn their phones off. Or on the rare occasion that he takes them away.

“Hey, if y’all don’t mind, for this one song, let’s all have a moment. Let’s all just put our phones off for one song,” Moore said he tells his audiences sometimes.

He added, “Every time I do that, the whole crowd applauds.”

It sounds like the youngest fans are often the worst culprits. Moore says he sees teenagers who will watch his whole show through the screen of their cell phone.

That’s when he smiles, takes their phones away and sets it on his amp for a couple of songs before returning it.

Which, ironically, would make a really memorable Snapchat story.