Joey + Rory Get Holiday Cheer From Can You Duet Cast and Crew

Old Friends From CMT Series Create a Special Video

Eight years can either seem like a lifetime or like it was yesterday. For husband-wife duo Joey + Rory, I think it must feel like a little bit of both.

Because as Joey Feek spends this Christmas at home in hospice care after her battle with cancer, she and her husband are reflecting on the show that changed their lives forever back in 2008.

“In January, it will be eight years since Joey and I auditioned for, and appeared on CMT’s Can You Duet,” Rory Feek wrote in a recent blog. “We had no idea at the time how much it would change our lives. What a wonderful blessing. Almost as wonderful as the special video Christmas card we received last night from some of the cast and crew members who got together to brighten my wife’s Christmas.”

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