Thomas Rhett: All the World’s a Stage

How He Honed His Dance Moves

Obviously, sound checks are all about the sound. But when Thomas Rhett does sound checks, he’s also kind of doing a stage check — for dancing.

“At every sound check,” Rhett said in a recent radio interview, “I try to practice on the stage that we’re gonna play on that night, ‘cause every stage is different.”

He explains that he considers what’s under his feet before he considers his dance moves for each show.

“Whether it’s concrete or whether it’s plywood or whether it’s plexiglass, it all requires different things. You can’t dance on concrete as well as you can dance on plexiglass,” Rhett said.

For him, he says, every show is a rehearsal. But he also knows that he’s up there to sing, not dance too much, which helps manage his fans’ expectations.

“I realize that I’m not a great dancer,” he says. “I’ve given up the hip-shaking. I don’t pelvic thrust anymore. Those were the beginning days of T.R. learning how to dance.

“But I love it, and I’ve taken a few choreography lessons. But other than that, I kinda just feel it, I guess.”

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