Who Is Anderson East?

The Facts About Miranda Lambert's Boyfriend

When someone is wrapped up in a blanket with Miranda Lambert and posts a photo, people are going to ask questions. Like, “Who are you, Anderson East?”

East, apparently Lambert’s new boyfriend, is a singer-songwriter whose Twitter bio simply says, “If you’re happy — I’m happy.”

Over the New Year’s holiday, he Instagrammed a photo of him and Lambert getting cozy under a plaid blanket with the caption, “The snuggle is real … .” (Lambert followed up by posting the same photo with the same caption.)
Since that made this new romance public, I went on a little fact-finding mission. Here’s what we know so far about the new guy:

He is from Alabama but has lived in Nashville for eight years.

He started writing his own songs as a kid, and when he was in seventh grade, he started a band with his friends and performed at a school talent show.

He has an album out called Delilah. It’s his first major-label debut, although he previously released one under his real name — Mike Anderson — called Closing Credits for a Fire. Once he changed his stage name, he had an EP called Fire Demos and then an album called Flowers of the Broken Hearted. It’s currently out of stock on Amazon, so it must be good.

East’s new album is named for Bible story of Samson and Delilah, about being infatuated with a woman. “That’s kind of the thread through the record: the woman that saved the crumbled man,” he said in an interview with Paste magazine when the album came out this past summer.

There’s a song on the album, “Quit You,” that he wrote with Chris Stapleton.

After a handful of upcoming shows in the United Kingdom, East’s Devil in Me Tour starts Jan. 28 in Louisville, Kentucky.