Dierks Bentley: The Black Album

Eighth Studio Project to Be Released Early This Year

Dierks Bentley has been recording new music for a year, and I had no idea.

But now I do. I also know the album title is Black, I know he wrote about half of the songs on it, and I know it’s mysterious and sexy and edgy.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the title track is about “the enduring spark of long-term monogamy,” which I’m guessing is music to his wife Cassidy’s ears.

Bentley told EW that to him, black is the sexiest color.

“This record has a sexiness, in a well-worn leather-jacket kind of way,” he said. “It’s not glossy sexy — there’s a realness to it. The kicker is that my wife’s last name is Black.

“Everyone talks about new love all the time, but there’s so much to draw from when you’ve been in a longer relationship. It makes me stick my chest out a little bit. It’s like, ‘I know what you’ve been through, but you don’t know what it’s like over here.’”

In a press release, Bentley called Black a relationship album.

“And to do it right, I had to dig deep as a writer, dig into the Nashville songwriting community and record songs that explore the shadows and edges of the heart. The songs on Black range from the lonesomeness of an impossible relationship to ones that describe the feeling of finding that person that makes you forget the one that broke your heart.”

All things that Bentley says can happen after dark, in the black of night.

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