Mysterious Twist in Jana Kramer’s Alternate Video Ending

Did She Kill Her High School Sweetheart in "I Got the Boy"?

Spoiler alert: I think Jana Kramer’s “Boy” could be dead.

She just released a new version of her video for her hit song “I Got the Boy.”

But, first, some background:

In the original and official video, Kramer is bittersweet about her first love. She’s going through old love letters and kind of coming to terms with the fact that having the boy was almost as good as having the man.

But ultimately, she packs up the old letters in a vintage case, and you assume she’s going to move on and stop pining for old boyfriends. Case closed. Literally.

This alternate cut, though …

The new video ends with Kramer, still in a long black gown, now carrying the case of old love letters into the snowy forest. And then she leaves the case in front of some kind of tomb. Meaning, I think, that he is dead. She touches the Monroe marker lovingly, as if to say goodbye.

Last May, Kramer talked to me about the boy, Matt, and their first kiss and the ring he gave her (six cubic zirconia diamonds) that she still has. She even shared a photo of the old love letters she’d kept all these years.

But now I don’t know what to think. Did she kill him because she couldn’t have him? Did he die of natural causes? Did his wife kill him because he wouldn’t stop talking about high school? Does it mean that you will love your first love until the day he dies?