Why Keith Urban Still Likes Idol Best

Show's Family-Friendly Vibe Is Most Important

When you sit down to watch a TV show these days — especially any kind of reality show — with your kids, you often have to do so with one finger poised on the mute button. A lot of shows seem to forget there might be children in the room.

And that’s just one of the reasons why Keith Urban thinks American Idol stands alone, he said in a recent interview with The Tennessean newspaper in Nashville.

“Having two kids — 7 and 5 (Sunday and Faith, respectively) — I’m going to miss that kind of show,” Urban said of the show’s family-friendliness. “They are into it. It’s good.”

Urban, his wife Nicole Kidman, and their daughters watched the premiere of the show’s farewell season together at home, and he said it was bittersweet.

But when he was actually out on the road filming the auditions, it didn’t feel any different than past seasons. He just stayed in the Idol zone.

“People are coming in and they’re singing,” he said. “You’re critiquing. You’re doing all the things we’ve done every season. It would only be sporadically when someone mentioned it that I would be reminded that this is the last season. For me, it’s just going at it like it was the last three seasons.”

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