Carrie Underwood: “Can We Just Ask Girls?”

ACM Party for a Cause Host Explains Reason She Requested Women in Country Concert

In the brand new issue of ACM Tempo magazine, Carrie Underwood recalls what she thought when the Academy of Country Music came to her for ideas about their annual Party for a Cause festival.

“Whenever we were approached to do it, they were like, ‘Well, who do you want to have on the bill?’ I was like, ‘Can we just ask girls?’ I just personally think that’s a more interesting bill because everybody is unique,” Underwood said. “Everybody has their own sound, their own look, their own kind of music, their own voice.”

Underwood’s Women of Country night will be April 1 at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds.

She might just want to have an official girls’ night out for fun, or maybe Underwood is doing it to make some much-needed changes in the genre. She admits the lack of women getting heard in country is something she noticed right after she won American Idol.

“I felt it from the beginning,” she said. “When we would start talking about potentially playing different shows, other people would talk about, ‘Oh, well, we kind of already have a girl on our roster.’ Or, ‘We already have a girl at the show so we can’t have another one.’ We’ve always been outnumbered by the boys.

“There are a lot (of women) right now just waiting for their chance,” Underwood said, adding, “I refuse to believe that women don’t want to hear women.”

The ACM’s Party for a Cause will also be hosted by Dierks Bentley on April 2 and Kenny Chesney on April 3.

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