Florida Georgia Line Member Goes Way Off Road

Tyler Hubbard and Wife Head to South Africa

All day Thursday (Jan. 14), Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley were posting photos of their breathtaking trip to South Africa.

They left right after the New Year, which forced Hubbard to wrote, “GOODBYE comfort zone.” (Even though social media is obviously something in their comfort zone they did not need to give up during their travels.)

And after a long flight and a few days in Amsterdam, the couple made it to South Africa, where their African adventure began.

Hubbard has been Instagramming the whole trip ever since. Pictures of nature, animals (the big and terrifying and the tiny and adorable) and, in the past day, the children.

Meet Isaac and Gracie. @openarmsmalawi

A photo posted by Tyler Hubbard (@thubbmusic) on

At one point, Hubbard even started quoting Justin Bieber lyrics, from his song “Children.”

“What about the children? Look at all the children we can change. What about a vision? Be a visionary for a change.” — Bieber #inspiring#allaboutlove

His wife Hayley also posted a few photos of her own. One we can’t show here, but she captioned it, “Well, Tyler bares all in the outdoors!”

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