Lee Brice, the Producer?

Country Star Thinking Outside the Booth

Ever since I heard Lee Brice’s first song on the radio — “She Ain’t Right” — I have always pictured him one way. Singing songs in a recording booth or on a stage.

Then I found out he was a songwriter, too. A damn fine one.

And now? Now he’s trying his hand at producing, and I have a pretty good feeling that he’ll do just as well as the one calling the shots.

In a recent radio interview, Brice talked about his current projects that have him trying out new role.

First up is American Young.

“It’s a girl-guy duo. The guy, Jon, is a co-producer of mine. He produced my last two records,” Brice said of country newcomers Jon Stone and Kristy Osmunson.

Then there’s his little brother, Lewis Brice.

“He’s killing it. He came to town, and I said, ‘I’m not doing anything for you. You’ve got to do it yourself,’” Brice said of his brotherly tough love. “But he made his own contacts, got his own co-writes, he toured the country in a van. He’s done it. And he came with some songs that blew my mind, and then I said, ‘OK, let’s do it. Let’s make a record.’”

But with all those hours in the studio for other artists, that might mean Brice’s fans have to wait a little longer for his own music.

“I’m feeling a bit behind on my record,” he said. “But one of the hardest parts for me of the recording process is figuring out what songs I need to do. I might have it down to 20 songs now, and I’ve got to get it down to 15.”

That’s the best problem to have: too many great songs to choose from.