Party Down South: 9 Questions We Have About Season 5

Why Is Lyle Taken Away in an Ambulance?

If you’ve watched the First Look and sneak peeks of Party Down South‘s last vacation, premiering Jan. 28 at 9 PT/ET, you may have tons of questions. If not, it’s worth the watch.

And so, after watching the wild and crazy teasers, we’re bringing you the top questions heard around the office. Please enjoy the stream of consciousness, in GIFs.

  1. First off, are those dolphins under Daddy’s feet?

  2. Why is Walt so pumped?

  3. He’s really, really pumped. Maybe he wins the Powerball?

  4. Wait, is that your dad?

  5. Can we please have a Chef Boyardaddy cooking show? Case in GIF.

  6. On a serious note, why is Lyle being rushed to the hospital?

  7. Did it have to do with this fight? Watch out, Santana, Lauren’s coming through!

  8. Oh shoot, Lauren’s beatin’ everybody up.

  9. And, most importantly, what are the pigs’ names?

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