Why Carrie Underwood Waited to Write

She Feels Established, Creative and Proud

When Carrie Underwood released her debut album Some Hearts, she’d written one song for it, “I Ain’t in Checotah Anymore.”

Four albums later, though, Underwood has honed her songwriting craft to the point where she will even let another artist cut a song, like she did with Lauren Alaina’s “Eighteen Inches.”

But why did the world have to wait so long to hear more about what happens when Underwood puts pen to paper? Because she had to wait until she was ready.

In the recent issue of ACM Tempo magazine, Underwood talks about her two cabins near Nashville where she likes to write with her almost 1-year-old son Isaiah close by and how she got where she is now — with 27 cuts that bear her name.

“There is so much in the beginning of your career that it’s like, ‘OK, I just have to keep it going, keep the momentum up, keep people interested, keep making good music and just kind of hope everything else falls into place,’” she said. “I think once you feel like you’re established, then it is just a little easier not to worry so much about keeping things going and instead just focus on being able to write and be creative and make stuff that you’re proud of.”